Here we share with you the short videos that illustrate the type of work that is being done within the El Sistema-inspired music programs that we support. What emerges from the stories shared in these videos:

  • The dedication and expertise of the instructors

  • The demonstrations of leadership and community shown by the students with their peers

  • The focus and enthusiasm of the students

  • The spectacular results in a relatively short period: with regards to the musical score learned, the skillfulness and harmony of the orchestra, and the transformation in the children's attitude about themselves



I Am a Fine Musician


    I Am a Fine Musician (IAFM) focuses on the implementation of the El Sistema music method in Los Angeles after school programs. IAFM is the first film to focus on the educational theory upon which El Sistema is based.

    The film was shot on location with the cooperation of the children and teachers of the Verdugo Young Musicians Association (VYMA) outreach program at Longfellow Elementary School in Pasadena, CA.

    Through discussions with experts from across the U.S., and scenes with children immersed in the program, IAFM describes and demonstrates the value of El Sistema-inspired music education.

    Below is a version of the same video with Spanish-language subtitles. 


    El Sistema Music Education Program: Children International Colombia Wind Orchestra


    A short video that shows the power and benefits (and wonderful success stories) of music education for youth in Colombia, through the Children International El Sistema program. In particular, the video highlights one of the program's star instructors, Juan Carlos Natera, whose contagious enthusiasm and teaching skills bring out the best in each child.